Welcome to Nerdy Crafty Foodie

This blog will hopefully become an online scrapbook and project page for my interests. I’ll try to split this into the 3 topics in the blog title.

  • Nerdy – Science-Fiction literature, Japanese anime and manga, Video Games, as well as Western comic books, graphic novels and net comics… I’ve always loved consuming them and will always want to talk about them.
  • Crafty – Jewellery, costumes, toys, decorations… if I think I can make them myself I will give it a try.
  • Foodie – Perfecting simple dishes, as well as trying  unusual, exotic and complex meals… I’ve always been drawn to the weirdest item on the menu, and have had the luck to live in some places known for their food, I also particularly like testing strange foods and inflicting it on others.

Most likely there will be some crossover between these categories (recipes sourced from anime, decorative foods, nerdy cosplay items) but hopefully I’ll be able to keep you entertained and maybe even informed.


Nerdy Crafty Foodie


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